Terri Donnelly
Terri Donnelly

My name is Terri Donnelly, I am a special correspondent with Cleopatra Magazine, London. This is my interview with Beverly Afaglo, a Ghananian actress and Television presenter.

C.M: Can you please introduce yourself to our readers.
B.A: Beverly Afaglo is a Ghanaian and African actress. A television presenter, host and an entrepreneur. Married to a Ghanaian musician with the stage name Choirmaster, formally of the music group called Prayer. I have two beautiful kids, two girls namely Violyn and Kora. I’m a simple girl working hard to meet my everyday goal one day at a time.
C.M: You are a journalist by profession, what led to your crossing over to acting?
B.A: Well I went to school to study communication and Public Relations just to be able to communicate well and also for my diction and delivery in acting. Acting was my first love, I just went through tv
presentation to while away time and also to train myself
for television.


C.M: What were the challenges you faced in the early part of your film career?
B.A: Some of the challenges I faced were the issue of not being light skinned enough because at the time, the trend for the industry was light skin and another challenge was the fact that producers and directors didn’t see my capabilities to be able to carry certain roles so they always gave me supporting roles but thank God things have changed now.

C.M: Can you narrate the most favorite character you have played in any of the films?
B.A: I have a lot of favourite roles but in recent times i’ld say my favourite is “Terminus” which is yet to premier. It is my favourite because I was playing the role of the director of National Security and I was in charge of the police force as well as the army and that power I had, made me feel good playing the role.

C.M: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
B.A: Hardest part of being a celebrity is being in public eye and everyone being in your business. It affects not only me but my family, my children and everyone around me which gives people the audacity to slander us anytime or day they feel like. Sad.
C.M: What are the peculiar problems associated with acting in Ghana?
B.A: Peculiar problems is funding in general. We don’t get enough funds to be able to produce world class movies as we wish to. We have talented actors, writers, directors, etc who are ready to give their all to put Ghanaian movies on the map but we just don’t have the funds to be able to do so but we are still trying with the little we have. We will get there, someday soon.
C.M: What film do you find most challenging and why?
B.A: Every movie or role to me is challenging because all of them come with peculiar way it should be played so am not seen as the same person in every movie, so to brings diversity, that makes it challenging but in recent times I’ll say my most challenging was “Cast Away” which was 70% ewe language spoken which was quiet difficult because am not fluent in the language even though am ewe(not proud that I can’t speak tho lol). So it was difficult learning the language and acting as a poor and semi illiterate mother. Had to concentration on speaking the language and saying words right, how I say it and when I spoke English I had to change my tonation. These things made it challenging but am glad it came so well, one of my favourite movies.

C.M: Do you have mentors in the film industry and what have you gained from them? in Ghana Doris Sakite, Amanobea Dodoo,Kalsoum
Sinare , Selasie Ibrahim, Roselyn Ngissah etc.
C.M: What next for Beverly Afaglo?
B.A: Next for Beverly Afaglo is looking forward to a couple of
my very good movies
yet to be released, looking forward to working with the best directors and actors on bigger projects that will project me to another level and also to see to my new show on Youtube called “Open book with Beverly” grow and get diversity as planned.

B.A: I don’t really have mentors but I have legendary actors around the world that I admire, from Hollywood I love Taraji P Henson, Gabriel Union and Tyler Perry and in Nollywood, Rita Dominic, Nse Ikpe and that 2021 will be a good year for me, Management and Team Cinegods studios. The Management and Team Cleopatra wish you the best for the future.


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