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My name is Shala Lanigbagbe, I am the entertainment corresponent for Cleopatra Magazine, London. C.M You definately dont look yourage, what is the secret?

D.D.L.S … Thank you vecy much for the compliments. However, it is definitely down to
Almighty God for the provision of good health. I think the genes of both of my parents have a part to play. For example my late mother at age 90 was said to be looking 60-ish.
A little bit of sensible eating & exercise also helps.

C.M You are a distinguished medical practitioner who have received various awards over the years, and yet you are a Minister of Religion and the Bobagunwa of Remo Kingdom. How do you find time to perform all this duties?

D.D.L.S It all comes with a sense of being privileged and that of utmost responsibility. It could be quite demanding juggling a few balls but with God on one’s side, prayers & good time management, it has been do-able. It is important that priorities are set. I try not to overstretch myself and importantly I do not make promises or commit to what I am unable to deliver in terms of time, capacity or capability.
The passion for anything I am committed to, helps in achieving my intended goals
and objectives.
C.M You have a wonderful wife, lovely children and a grand-dad .. You must be highly blessed?

D.D.L.S … Indeed and I give all glory, praise & thanks to God. The Good Book says in Ephesians 2 vs 8-9, that ‘For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of your selves: it is the gift of God.

Not of works, lest any man should boast’. I am very grateful to Almighty Father for my wonderful & loving wife, Ikeola ,who has always been by my side through the smooth &
the rough times; my exemplary & caring children and my adorable grandsons.
It is only by His grace. I am not deserving.

C.M Our Publisher/Editor Mr.Stephen Akinmosa is of the opinion that your decendants may have originated from the members of Levitical priesthood since everyone is an ordained minister in your family? (Laugh)

D.D.L.S Ha ha ha ha ….. I did try to look at the family tree. Although both of our late parents were Christians , the Levitical ancestry, if I could call it that, is more from
our mother’s lineage. Our maternal GrandPa was a stout Christian who partnered with white Christian Missionaries to establish churches in SouthEast Nigeria. So it was no
surprise that our mother Deaconess Alice Saile became the most passionate Christian soldier & prayer warrior I have ever known – an attribute & faith she impacted on her children and which by God’s grace we are also trying to impact on our children.

My elder Sister Bisi is a staunch Baptist & a Women’s Leader, my late elder brother Victor was a Bishop & Rev, whilst my younger brother Paul is presiding Pastor over few
parishes. More importantly, our children are also in the way
of the Lord too. Glory be to God.

C.M It is a great privilege, honour and pleasure for Cleopatra Magazine conducting an interview with a humble and unassuming man like you. Happy birthday Sir, Dr. David Lai Soile. God bless you and your family.

D.D.L.S … Amen. God bless you & all yours too. My immense gratitude to The Publis he r & entire staff of Cleopatra Magazine. May you continue to soar high in Jesus Christ’s name.
Thank you
Team Cleopatra would like to thank you for this interview.

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