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Rebecca Kwabi
Miss Ghana 2019

My name is Bukky Adelakun, I am a Fashion and Entertainment Correspondent for Cleopatra Magazine, London. Thank you for granting us this interview. Let us start by congratulating you for winning the Miss Ghana 2019.
C.M Can you please introduce yourself.
M.G My name is Rebecca Kwabi Miss Ghana 2019. A student of Maureen Signatur studying fashion designing. Born in Tema which centrally lies on the Greenwich Meridian. Am a social
C.M Where was Miss Ghana 2019 held?
M.G. It was held at the lovely Kempiniski hotel, Ghana.
C.M You represented Ghana at the Miss World 2019, you were one of the 90 contestants. It must have been a wonderful experience.
M.G It was an amazing experience meeting people from different continents with diverse culture and languages.

C.M You are the present Miss Ghana beauty pageant having
postponed the 2020 edition due to the Pandemic. What led to you
competing for the Miss Ghana 2019?
M.G By nature I am people oriented, I love the act of charity. I think
helping others is amazing. My ambition for the future is to be able to
mentor the your generation.
C.M How many contestants were in the competition?
M.G It was more than hundred and eventually 20 were left.
C.M How much support did you get from friends and family?
G.M My family and friends have been very supportive from the start. I
am highly Blessed.
C.M What was your initial reaction when you name was announced
as the winner?
M.G Words are not enough to describe my emotions. I could not help
but acknowledge the other competitors how well they performed.
C.M What was the most nerve racking moment in the competition.?
G.M Every stages is nerve racking when your game plan is to win.
Announcing the final Is result just the hardest part.C. M Most beauty pageant winners become celebrity overnight, have you been experiencing such attention? Your faces all over the newspaper and magazine.
M.G That is to be expected and news travel fast as well. My face became whatsapp status for many, it was on television and newspapers etc.
C.M Is there any part of the competition that you will like to see improvement?
M.G Yes, the beauty pageant competitions should be given more physical and financial support by individuals and NGO’S so that winners can be great ambassador for our beautiful mother land Ghana. C.M Having won Miss Ghana 2019, which is the way forward for you?
M.G Education, Fashion Enterprise and Setting up a Charity in the future.
C.M Any advice for the upcoming generation.
M.G I would like to advice the future generation of competitors that they not just focus on beauty, they should strive towards personal should development, purpose and focus driven. The sky is not the limit, there is another level beyond the sky.C.M You have an identical twin sister. What will happen if both of you came for the competition, who will win?M.G. This is the hardest question, since I don’t have an answer. Either of us can win. Judges will have to think outside the box. My sister was not able to attend but encouraged me, and suddenly God showed me favour and the rest is history.
C.M You surely will be an excellent brand ambassador, I hope companies, Institutions and NGO’S will benefit from your potentials. On behalf of the Publisher and team Cleopatra, we wish you the best for the future.
M.G Thank you for your time Bukk.

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