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Cleopatra is an e-magazine and a global celebrity journal that showcases celebrities, inspirational and visionary entrepreneurs in all spheres of life.
The magazine includes news about fashion, beauty, life style, films, trending topics, celebrities, cultures and living, fashion shows/awards and a lot more.
Reinventing the contents of this magazine with unique and collectable cover has been an epic project. It’s been an unstoppable roller coaster for us as we reimagined every single page and single shot.
I worked with the team to bring fresh thinking. reverse thinking, bold ideas and a more diverse and inclusive approach. We now have a magazine which is quintessentially a good read.
Thanks to everyone – readers, collaborators. advertisers and our spectacular correspondents around the world, who have made the magazine something to be proud of. We are now globally connected.

Stephen Akinmosa, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief

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